Sabbatical Reflection

I have had a blast these past two weeks.  My first week, I did volunteer work.  The second week was a quiet and relaxing week.  Both weeks were GREAT!

I started my first week by volunteering a couple of times at Meals on Wheels.  That is always enjoyable.


But I spent the majority of that first week at Disability Resources here in Abilene, TX.

Dennis and Reegin work there full time, and are they both very impressive.

Their hearts are full of compassion and patience and are both very humble.

I had no idea what to expect and did not know what my week would include.  I came away so incredibly blessed.


Disability Resources is a Christian organization that helps others with different sets of challenges learn very useful skills.  These skills are used to socialize with others and with the hope that they can put their skills to use with a job.  They even have a set of products that they both make and sell such as salsa and chow chow.   I was greeted many times with a handshake and an introduction.  They are affectionately called, “folks.”

Some of the folks live at DRI, there are four houses off campus, and some go home at the end of the day.


My week at DRI was wonderful.  I got very attached to the folks out there and was sad to see the week pass by so quickly.

The week included activities like BINGO, and bowling, and a couple of days of one-on-one time.

My first day caught me off guard.  One of the folks decided he wanted me as his new mom.  I asked him if his dad was aware that he was trying to fix him up.  I was told, “Now, now, now, let’s just keep this on the low.”

A highlight was Tuesday evening.  Once a month, the folks have an evening worship service.  They read scripture, and provide the music.  When one of the folks finished reading scripture, she was treated like a rock star.  Everyone erupted into applause and cheering.  She was proud of herself, and rightfully so, that she pumped her fists in the air.


Another highlight was Wednesday.  Dennis and I took five of the folks bowling.  Dennis informed me that they take their bowling very seriously.  And that is very true. After every turn of one young man, he would come up to me, laugh, and say, “You’re going down.”  And he was right.  He beat me fair and square.


A very special highlight was one-on-one time with a man with Down’s Syndrome.  During free time, he was made aware that we would be hanging out together.  He was not thrilled at all that I interrupted his free time.  When free time was over, it was time for us to spend time together.  He still was not happy about that.  I can only credit God for this because it was not my doing, but at some point, he did not mind spending time with me.  When it was break time, he asked if he could have his glass of water then come back to our project:  coloring pictures.  I said that was fine.  I figured he would want some space during break time, but he came and sat next to me.  Then when we headed back to our project, he held my hand back to our table.


The next day at BINGO, he sat next to me.  He looked over and said, “You come back anytime you want.”


This was a very special week.  I hope to go back!


Thank you very much for this wonderfully amazing opportunity.  I am grateful that we have been given time to be a Helper of People.

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